House League Hockey

Starting at $16.00 per week

Details available here House League

Serving Hespeler, Cambridge, Preston with no address boundaries

Registration starts May 1

House League Hockey in Hespeler, Cambridge and Surrounding Areas

Beginner Hockey starting at $16.00 per week!!

Some skating experience is required. This is not a Learn To Skate program. Ask us for details.

No Address Boundaries

Grand River Minor Hockey does not restrict players based on your place of residence.

We operate so that you are not bound by your home address. We do not force you to stay within any given hockey league just because you may live in Hespeler, Ontario Canada as an example.

You have a choice!

Play hockey where you want to play hockey without address restrictions!

We offer programs all year around: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Registration Starts May 1 For Each New Fall–Winter Season

Professionally coached practices and managed by Grand River Minor Hockey staff.

Serving Cambridge, Galt, Hespeler, Preston, Kitchener, Ayr, Paris and St. George Ontario Canada

Choose Your Program

  • Beginner Pre–Tyke Tyke (6–7 years) Practice and Game Weekly
    • Saturday and Sunday mornings
    • $16.00 per week!! 24 week season (plus tax)
  • Advanced Pre–Tyke Tyke (6–7 years) Practice and Game Weekly
    • Saturday mornings and Monday evenings
    • Games are all Full–Ice
    • $456.00 24 week season (plus tax)
  • Novice (8 years) Practice and Game Weekly
    • Practice Sunday mornings. Games on Saturday mornings and⁄or Monday evenings.
    • Games are all Full–Ice
    • $480.00 24 week season (plus tax)
  • Atom Peewee (9–12 years) Game Weekly plus scheduled practices
    • Games Saturday 9:30 AM starting Sep 7, 2019
    • Additional practices Sundays as listed:
      • Sep 29, 2019 11:30 AM
      • Oct 27, 2019 11:30 AM
      • Nov 24, 2019 11:30 AM
      • Feb 2, 2020 11:30 AM
      • Mar 1, 202 11:30 AM
    • $560.00 24 week season (plus tax)
  • Bantam (13 years) Game Weekly plus scheduled practices
    • To Be Scheduled

Register Now for Minor Hockey
Flexible payment plans available, just ask.

All schedules are on our Games & Rosters page.

House League Hockey

We offer teams for:

  • Pre–Tyke Tyke (6–7 years)
  • Novice (8 years)
  • Atom (9–10 years)
  • Peewee (11–12 years)

For beginner House League Hockey, Pre–Tyke Tyke (6–7 years), we offer two (2) types of programs:

  • Full–Ice
  • Half–Ice only $16.00 per week!!


Great Shot on Net Grand River Minor Hockey

Full–Ice Or Cross–Ice Games

Hockey is a game of keep–away.

The entire purpose of the game of hockey is to NOT let the other team have the puck. So games are NOT designed to "touch the puck". This is true for soccer and basically any sport. Games are a time to keep the puck away from the other team as much as possible either through personal skill or team work.

As our Head Coach states, "Practices are for touching the puck, not games."

It has been said that cross–ice or half–ice games are better because players "touch the puck" more often. Sometimes this may be true, but not always.

Grand River Minor Hockey Offers Both For Beginners

Beginning in the 2019–20 season we will be offering both types of programs at the Pre–Tyke Tyke (6–7 years) division.

Half–Ice is only $16.00 per week!!

Players in the Novice Division (8 years) and older will always be full–ice games.

All schedules are on our Games & Rosters page.

Taking a Look at the Hockey Game

Also, isn’t it supposed to be simply about playing hockey?

Keep it simple and play.

Less restrictions, just play hockey!


Two Children at Hockey Face Off

Providing children in Hespeler Ontario Canada the opportunity to develop their skating skills, hockey skills and interacting with your new and returning teammates is all part of what we offer.

House League Hockey is often one of the first programs a child may join to start playing hockey. For this reason, we try to use a combination of teaching and freedom to experiment within our sessions.

Too much emphasis on rules and high levels of structure can stifle the child's creativity and motivation. We try to balance these things with enough structure to play hockey but not so much structure to remove the fun.

We try to teach the following:

  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Puck Handling
  • Skating Skills
  • Positional Play
  • Game Strategies
  • Professionally Coached Practices by Our Staff

All schedules are on our Games & Rosters page.