Updated February 4, 2022

Cambridge Ice Centre, our main source of ice time, has not replaced their ice yet since the COVID shutdowns. It is still a concrete floor.

Therefore we will not be offering any programs this spring 2022. Possibly we will offer fall 2022 programs, but that is still yet to be decided.

Beginner Hockey

2) Spring ⁄ Summer is Fundamentals or 4 on 4 League

House League Hockey

Each new Fall ⁄ Winter hockey season we offer House League programs for almost every youth age:

  • Pre–Tyke Tyke (6–7 years) starting at $17.00 per week!!
  • Novice (8 years)
  • Atom (9–10 years)
  • Peewee (11–12 years)

More details on our House League page.

Spring 4 on 4 League

Please see our Spring 4 on 4 page for more details.

Spring Summer Hockey Fundamentals for Beginners

The importance of building a good foundation of skills in hockey is paramount for the development of a young hockey player. Often times the fundamentals are overlooked and players are pushed to compete in a more advanced hockey environment before they have established any essential skills at all.

We work with Ice-Tech for our Beginner Hockey.

The Hockey Fundamentals program, established by Grand River Minor Hockey and Ice-Tech is designed to develop boys and girls between the ages of 5–9 in a fun and progressive environment with a focus on essential hockey skills and some in-game practice. Sessions are generally broken down into one part skating, one part skills and one part scrimmage. Individuals will receive approximately a 6:1 player to coach ratio.

This program is for beginner hockey players ages 5–9. This is not a Learn To Skate program, participants should be reasonable skaters to best enjoy this program.

Full hockey gear is mandatory

Skills Practiced

Skating, including stops and starts, backwards skating and crossovers.

Shooting, including hand/arm positioning, wrist shout, backhand, weight transfer.

Puck Handling, including passing, puck control, cradling the puck.

Goalie Training

This program is designed to develop beginner goalies. They have their own designated coach during these sessions.

Registration for Beginner Hockey Fundamentals

Online information and registration at

Contact Us, We Can Help


Full hockey equipment is required

Here is a list of required equipment:

  1. Hockey Helmet with facemask
  2. Neck guard
  3. Shoulder pads
  4. Elbow pads
  5. Hockey gloves
  6. Jersey
  7. Athletic support (cup - girls and boys) with Velcro for hockey socks
  8. Hockey pants
  9. Hockey socks
  10. Shin pads
  11. Hockey skates
  12. Hockey stick cut to length from floor to the child's nose (in shoes) or chin (in skates)

A Great Start!

Young Beginner Hockey Player

Standing Watch as a Hockey Goalie!

Hockey Goalie Beginner Training